• Titel: Songbird : Chord Songbook ; All the songs from the hit album / arranged for guitar and voice
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Originalsprache: Englisch
  • Umfang: 111 S.
  • Erschienen: London : Wise, 2004
  • ISBN/Preis: 0-7119-3846-6 : EUR 20.00
  • Bestellnummer: AM91730
  • Anmerkungen: enth.: (Looking for) the heart of saturday night [Colvin, Shawn] ; (there is) no greater love [Winehouse, Amy] ; 4th of july [Mann, Aimee] ; A place called home [Richey, Kim] ; Angel [Mclachlan, Sarah] ; Angel rays [Sissel] ; At seventeen [Wilson, Jodie Brooke] ; Be still my heart [Nergaard, Silje] ; Beguiling eyes [Herbert, Gwyneth] ; Bend [Lynne, Shelby] ; Chuck e's in love [Jones, Rickie Lee] ; Come away with me [Elliotte, Melissa] ; Don't bring me down [Sia] ; Eternity [Wright, Lizz] ; Evangeline [Fraser, Liz] ; How do i live [Rimes, Leann] ; I try [Gray, Macy] ; If i fall [Martineau, Alice] ; Love and affection [Armatrading, Joan] ; Luka [Vega, Suzanne] ; My songbird [Jenou] ; Narrow daylight [Krall, Diana] ; Night ride home [Mitchell, Joni] ; Now we are free [Gerrard, Lisa] ; Once in a very blue moon [Griffith, Nanci] ; Prayer [Matheson, Karen] ; Pretty good year [Amos, Tori] ; San andreas fault [Merchant, Natalie] ; Songbird [Cassidy, Eva] ; The ballad of lucy jordan [Faithful, Marianne] ; The closest thing to crazy [Melua, Katie] ; The edge of the moon [O'reilly, Roisin] ; The first cut is the deepest [Crow, Sheryl] ; The first time ever i saw you face [Moyet, Alison] ; The night they drove old dixie down [Baez, Joan] ; This shirt [carpenter, mary chapin] ; Tomorrow morning [Peters, Gretchen] ; Walk on by [Gabrielle] ; Who painted the moon black? [Westenra, Hayley] ; Wonder child [Black, Mary]
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