Jarman - Volume 2: 1987-1994


Titel: Jarman - Volume 2: 1987-1994 / Directed by Derek Jarman
Person(en): Jarman, Derek [RegisseurIn]
Produktion: Großbritannien 1987-1994
Sprache: Englisch. Englische Originalfassung. Untertitel: Englisch für Hörgeschädigte
Originalsprache: Englisch
Umfang: 6 Blu-ray Discs (568 min) : Ton (Dolby Digital 5.1, PCM Stereo), farbig ; Breitbild (1,78:1)
Erschienen: London : British Film Institute, 2019
EAN, ISMN/Preis: 5035673013021 : EUR 43.90
FSK/USK: FSK: Keine Angabe/Lektorat: ab 18
Anmerkungen: Cont.: The Last of England, War Requiem, The Garden, Edward II, Wittgenstein, Blue, Glitterbug
Special Features: Dead Cat (1989, 20 mins): Derek Jarman and his friend and collaborator Genesis P-Orridge both feature in this startling surrealist films in which a young man is terrorised and humiliated, later engaging in a mechanised, industrial sexual encounterIsle of Sheppey (1984, 7 mins): edited highlights from a VHS video shot on a location-hunting expedition, cameraman Derek Jarman chats to writer and cultural historian Jon SavageDepuis le jour: excerpt from Aria (1987, 5 mins): Derek Jarman’s sequence from the anthology film AriaDepuis le jour audio commentary by producer Don BoydRemembering Derek Jarman (2014, 13 mins)James Mackay Remembers The Last of England (2019, 14 mins)Don Boyd Remembers The Last of England and Aria (2019, 16 mins)Homemade Stuff and Wild Ideas: Simon Fisher Turner on Derek Jarman (2019, 16 mins): the musician and composer looks back on his long and unconventional involvement with Derek Jarman’s artAnother Derek: Jarman’s Life Away From the Limelight (2019, 5 mins): interview with artist filmmaker John Scarlett-DavisAn Odd Morality (2019, 4 mins): interview with Lee DrysdaleAnother World for Ourselves (2019, 9 mins): director John Maybury remembers meeting JarmanDavid Lewis Remembers Dead Cat (2019, 15 mins)Audio commentary on The Last of England with James Mackay, Christopher Hughes, Christopher Hobbs and Simon Fisher TurnerBooks By My Bedside: Derek Jarman (1989, 25 mins)Derek Jarman in Conversation with Simon Field (1989, 32 mins)Requiem for Jarman (2008, 37 mins): recollections on the making of War RequiemDon Boyd Remembers War Requiem (2019, 38 mins)John Maybury Remembers War Requiem (2019, 8 mins)The Nature of Super 8 (2019, 8 mins)Caravaggio Was Accidental (2019, 10 mins): Simon Fisher Turner remembers his first feature soundtrack for Derek JarmanBefore the Last (2019, 15 mins): James Mackay recalls working with Derek Jarman on The Angelic Conversation and Imagining OctoberDerek Jarman Presents (2019, 27 mins): John Maybury remembers the Super 8 filmmaking sceneAudio commentary on War Requiem with Don BoydDerek’s Shoot in Dungeness (1990, 6 mins)The Wanderer (1991, 30 mins): experimental film by David Lewis and Andy Crabb based on the Anglo-Saxon poem of the same nameKiss 25 Goodbye (1991, 7 mins): documents, in bold experimental fashion, the 1991 OutRage! ‘kiss-in’ protest at Bow Street police stationClause and Effect (1988, 19 mins): showing the gay community uniting against homophobic forces and the government around the issue of Clause 28Orange Juice (1984, 41 mins): Derek Jarman’s location shoot for the promo for ‘What Presence?!’ by post-punk band Orange Juice who were fronted by Edwyn CollinsShooting the Hunter (2015, 5 mins)James Mackay Remembers The Garden (2019, 15 mins)Anything Can Happen (2019, 11 mins): Richard Heslop on working with Derek JarmanDavid Lewis Remembers The Garden (2019, 15 mins)The Other Great Masterpiece (2019, 6 mins): John Maybury considers Jarman’s enthusiasm for gardeningLife with Derek: Simon Fisher Turner’s Recordings (2018, 44 mins): The composer’s collage of audio clips recorded during his adventures with Derek Jarman and friendsDerek’s Edward (2009, 24 mins): the making of Edward IIOstia (1987, 27 mins): Jarman embodies Pier Paolo Pasolini in this ambitious student film imagining the last hours of the Italian director’s lifeOstia audio commentaryThe Clearing (1993, 7 mins): short film by Alex Bistikas starring Derek Jarman and Keith CollinsThe Extended Derek Jarman Interview (1991, 70 mins): Colin McCabe discuses films and filmmaking with Derek JarmanCut/Action (2019, 8 mins): Simon Fisher Turner provides the music and narration for this video essayDavid Lewis Remembers Edward II (2019, 4 mins)The Same Spirit (2019, 6 mins): Don Boyd remembers Jarman’s later yearsTruly Beautiful (2019, 19 mins): interview with award-winning costumer designer Sandy PowellDerek Jarman in Conversation with Colin McCabe (1991, 97 mins, audio only)Karl Johnson on Wittgenstein (2007, 9 mins)Tilda Swinton on Wittgenstein and Derek Jarman (2007, 10 mins)Tariq Ali on Producing Wittgenstein (2007, 9 mins)Wittgenstein: Behind the Scenes (1993, 22 mins)Wittgenstein: An Introduction (2007, 4 mins)Face to Face: Derek Jarman (1993, 41 mins): Derek Jarman interviewed by Jeremy IsaacsProducer Tariq Ali on Wittgenstein (2014, 7 mins)Jarmanalia with Simon Fisher Turner (2019, 17 mins)Films Made By A Painter (2019, 5 mins): James Mackay reflects on Jarman’s distinctive style as a filmmaker21st Century Nuns (1994, 10 mins)Delphinium: A Childhood Portrait of Derek Jarman (2009, 13 mins)James Mackay Remembers Blue (2019, 15 mins)Simon Fisher Turner Remembers Blue (2019, 8 mins)David Lewis Remembers Blue (2019, 13 mins)Hard to Imagine (2019, 8 mins): John Maybury recalls Jarman’s journey towards BlueAfter the Garden (2019, 10 mins): Richard Heslop remembers Jarman’s later daysTotal Magic (2019, 6 mins): production designer Christopher Hobbs looks back upon Jarman’s fascination with occult imageyAfter Neutron (2019, 8 mins): interview with Lee DrysdaleThe Best Mentor (2019, 9 mins): John Scarlett-Davis recalls Jarman’s latter days and reflects uponhis artistic legacyGlitterbug and Beyond (2019, 7 mins): James Mackay remembers the production of GlitterbugDavid Lewis Remembers Glitterbug (2019, 7 mins)Bliss (1991, 40 mins, audio)Trailers

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