Miracle in the Gorbals / Discourse for Orchestra


Bliss, Arthur

Titel: Miracle in the Gorbals / Discourse for Orchestra / BLISS. Bliss, Arthur, Komponist -- Lyndon-Gee, Christopher -- Queensland Orchestra, Orchester
Person(en): Bliss, Arthur ; Bliss, Arthur [KomponistIn]
Umfang: Online-Ressource
Erschienen: Naxos Regular CD, 2007
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Anmerkungen: Discourse für Orchester, Op. 85 (revised 1965 Version): I. Allegro (Tema); II. Allegro vivace (Gigue); III. Andante tranquillo; IV. Andante con brio (Recapitulation); V. Maestoso; ... / Bliss, Arthur 00:18:13 -- Miracle in the Gorbals: I. Overture; II. The Street; III. The Girl Suicide; IV. The Young Lovers; V. The Prostitute and the Boy; ... / Bliss, Arthur 00:37:17 -- Things to Come: I. Prolog; II. Interlude: The World in Ruins; III. The Building of the New World; IV. Attack on the Moon Gun; V. Epilogue; ... / Bliss, Arthur 00:11:34 --