Soundposts / MCGUIRE, E.: Air and Slip Jig / ORR, B.: A Celtic Suite / HARPER, E.: Album Leaf (Clayton)


  • Titel: Album Leaf (Clayton) / GEDDES, J.M.. Boyle, Rory, Komponist -- Clayton, Julian -- Geddes, John Maxwell, Komponist -- Harper, Edward, Komponist -- McGuire, Edward, Komponist -- National Youth Orchestra of Scotland, Orchester -- Orr, Buxton, Komponist -- Paterson, Yvonne, Flöte
  • Person(en): Boyle, Rory [KomponistIn] ; Geddes, John Maxwell [KomponistIn] ; Harper, Edward [KomponistIn] ; McGuire, Edward [KomponistIn] ; Orr, Buxton [KomponistIn]
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: NYOS, 2009
  • Anmerkungen: Soundposts: I. St. Andrew Entry; II. The Hoolet; III. Claverhouse Post 00:14:46 -- Auld Nick's Dance Tunes Volume 6 (version for flute and orchestra): I. Hornpipe; II. Jig; III. Strathspey; IV. Reel 00:12:37 -- Air and Slip Jig: Introduction; I. Air; II. Slip Jig 00:11:19 -- Album Leaf 00:07:25 -- A Celtic Suite: I. Reel; II. Slow Strathspey; III. Jig; IV. Port a beul 00:11:40 --