Gilbert and Sullivan Collection (The) (Sargent)


Sullivan, Arthur

  • Titel: Gilbert and Sullivan Collection (The) (Sargent). Anthony, Trevor, Bass -- Baker, George, Bariton -- Blackburn, Harold, Bass -- Bowden, Pamela, Kontraalt -- Brannigan, Owen, Bass -- Cameron, John, Bariton -- Cantelo, April, Sopran -- Case, John Carol, Bariton -- Dowling, Dennis, Bariton -- Evans, Geraint, Bariton -- Gilbert, W.S., Dichter/Text -- Glyndebourne Chorus, Chor -- Graham, Edna, Sopran -- Harper, Heather, Sopran -- Harwood, Elizabeth, Sopran -- Hitchens, Stella, Sopran -- Hume, Edith Doreen, Sopran -- Lewis, Richard, Tenor -- Milligan, James, Bass -- Morison, Elsie, Sopran -- Morrison, Elsie, Sopran -- Pro Arte Orchestra, Orchester -- Renton, Lavinia, Sopran -- Rouleau, Joseph, Bass -- Sargent, Malcolm -- Shaw, John, Bariton -- Sinclair, Jeannette, Sopran -- Sinclair, Monica, Kontraalt -- Sullivan, Arthur, Komponist -- Thomas, Marjorie, Kontraalt -- Wallace, Ian, Bass -- Watts, Helen, Kontraalt -- Young, Alexander, Tenor
  • Person(en): Sullivan, Arthur ; Sullivan, Arthur [KomponistIn]
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  • Erschienen: Warner Classics - Parlophone, 2012
  • Anmerkungen: The Mikado: Act I: Were you not to Ko-Ko plighted (Nanki, Yum-Yum); Act I: Trio: I am so proud (Pooh-Bah, Ko-Ko, Pish-Tush); Act II: The sun whose rays are all ablaze (Yum-Yum); Act II: Here's a how-de-do! (Yum-Yum, Nanki, Ko-Ko); Act II: Miya Sama, "March of the Mikado's Troops" (Chorus); ... / Sullivan, Arthur 00:59:31 -- Trial by Jury / Sullivan, Arthur 00:03:24 -- HMS Pinafore (The Lass that Loved a Sailor): Act I: I'm called Little Buttercup (Little Buttercup); Act I: My gallant crew, good morning (Captain, Chorus); Act I: Sorry her lot (Josephine); Act I: When I was a lad (Sir Joseph, Hebe, Chorus); Act II: Fair moon, to thee I sing (Captain); ... / Sullivan, Arthur 00:22:34 -- The Pirates of Penzance: Act I: Oh, better far to live and die (King, Chorus); Act I: Oh, is there not one maiden breast (Frederic, Female Chorus); Act I: Poor wandering one! (Mabel, Female Chorus); Act I: I am the very model of a modern Major-General (General, Chorus); Act II: When the foeman bears his steel (Sergeant, Police, Mabel, Female Chorus, Edith); ... / Sullivan, Arthur 00:25:52 -- Patience: Act I: The soldiers of our queen; Act I: Am I alone? If you're anxious for to shine; Act II: Sad is that woman's lot / Silvered is the raven hair; Act II: A magnet hung in a hardware shop; Act II: Love is a plaintive song; ... / Sullivan, Arthur 00:23:41 -- Iolanthe: Act I: Song: When I went to the bar (Lord Chancellor); Act I: The lady of my love (Strephon, Queen, Lord Chancellor, Tolloller, Mountararat, Fairies, Peers); Act II: When all night long a chap remains (Sentry Song) (Private Willis); Act II: When Britain really ruled the waves (Mountararat, Fairies, Peers); Act II: When you're lying awake with a dismal headache (Nightmare Song) (Lord Chancellor); ... / Sullivan, Arthur 00:16:35 -- Ruddigore: Act I: My boy, you may take it from me (Robin); Act I: In sailing o'er life's ocean wide - My heart says (Chorus, Richard, Robin, Rose, Ensemble); Act I: Duet: The battle's roar (Richard); Act I: You understand? I think I do (Sir Despard and Richard); Act II: There grew a little flower (Hannah and Sir Ruthven); ... / Sullivan, Arthur 00:16:23 -- The Gondoliers: Act I: We're called gondolieri (Marco, Giuseppe); Act I: Quartet: From the sunny Spanish shore (Duke, Duchess, Casilda, Luiz); Act I: Song: I stole the prince (Don Alhambra, Duke, Duchess, Casilda); Act I: When a merry maiden marries (Tessa); Act II: Take a pair of sparkling eyes (Marco); ... / Sullivan, Arthur 00:21:58 -- The Yeomen of the Guard: Act I: Duet: I have a song to sing, O! (Point, Elsie); Act I: How say you maiden; Act I: Were I thy bride; Act II: Oh! A private buffoon is a lighthearted loon; Act II: Finale: Comes the pretty young bride (Women, Elsie, Dame, Phoebe, Lieutenant, Fairfax, Point); ... / Sullivan, Arthur 00:21:35 --