Byzantium after Byzantium (S. Lupu, Hobson, Tanasescu)


  • Titel: Byzantium after Byzantium (S. Lupu, Hobson, Tanasescu) / GRIGORIU, T.. Hobson, Ian -- Lupu, Sherban, Violine -- Sinfonia da Camera, Orchester -- Tanasescu, Andrei, Klavier
  • Organisation(en): Sinfonia da Camera
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: Toccata Classics, 2013
  • Anmerkungen: Bizant dupa Bizant I (Byzantium after Byzantium I): The Trinity Concerto: I. Panmelodion: The Soul's Long Journey up to Heaven; II. Threni: Oh, Golgotha!; III. Diaphania: The Eternal Movement 00:34:43 -- Bizant dupa Bizant II (Byzantium after Byzantium II): The Great Passage: I. Psalm: Lord, stop the passage; II. Murmur: I know that where there’s no death there's no love; III. Pastel: Long clouds have passed over the plains; IV. Epilogue: I kneel in the wind/There's no road that takes you back 00:18:01 -- Bizant dupa Bizant III (Byzantium after Byzantium III): The Eternal Return: I. Icons from the Past: Unseen Stairs; II. Curtains of Oblivion: 12 Interrupted Fugitive Variations; III. The Bells of Return: With Brief Evocations of Anton Pann 00:24:20 --