De Mare, Anthony - SONDHEIM, S. (Liaisons: Re-Imagining Sondheim from the Piano)


  • Titel: Re-Imagining Sondheim from the Piano) / Piano Recital. Bates, Mason, Komponist -- Bolcom, William, Komponist -- Brown, Jason, Komponist -- Daugherty, Michael, Komponist -- De Mare, Anthony, Klavier -- Gordon, Ricky Ian, Komponist -- Hersch, Fred, Klavier -- Iverson, Ethan, Komponist -- Moravec, Paul, Komponist -- Muhly, Nico, Komponist -- Newman, Thomas, Komponist -- Reich, Steve, Komponist -- Sondheim, Stephen, Dichter/Text -- Turnage, Mark-Anthony, Komponist
  • Person(en): Bates, Mason [Komposition] ; Bolcom, William [Komposition] ; Brown, Jason [Komposition] ; Daugherty, Michael [Komposition] ; Gordon, Ricky Ian [Komposition] ; Iverson, Ethan [Komposition] ; Moravec, Paul [Komposition] ; Muhly, Nico [Komposition] ; Newman, Thomas [Komposition] ; Reich, Steve [Komposition] ; Turnage, Mark-Anthony [Komposition]
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: ECM Records, 2015
  • Anmerkungen: A Little Night Fughetta (arr. W. Bolcom for piano) 00:01:42 -- Sunday in the Park with George: Color and Light (arr. N. Muhly for piano) 00:05:37 -- Sunday in the Park with George: Finishing the Hat (arr. S. Reich for 2 pianos) 00:03:21 -- Company: Ladies who Lunch (arr. D. Rakowski for piano) 00:07:19 -- Perpetual Happiness (arr. E. Beglarian for piano) 00:06:01 -- Birds of Victorian England (arr. J. Brown for piano) 00:03:04 -- Johanna in Space (arr. D. Sheik for piano) 00:05:57 -- You Could Drive a Person Crazy (arr. E. Rockwell for piano) 00:03:01 -- That Old Piano Roll (arr. W. Marsalis for piano) 00:04:38 -- Sorry - Grateful (arr. D. Bermel for piano) 00:06:59 -- No One Is Alone (arr. F. Hersch for piano) 00:04:03 -- A Bowler Hat (arr. A. Gosfield for piano) 00:05:18 -- I'm Excited. No You're Not. (arr. J. Heggie for piano) 00:05:15 -- The Demon Barber (arr. K. Bunch for piano) 00:05:07 -- Send In the Clowns (arr. E. Iverson for piano) 00:05:50 -- The Worst [Empanadas] In London (arr. R. Lorenz for piano) 00:04:53 -- I Think About You (arr. P. Moravec for piano) 00:09:00 -- Very Put Together (arr. M. Bates for piano) 00:03:08 -- I'm Still Here (arr. F. Rzewski for piano) 00:06:44 -- Love is in the Air (arr. D. Shire for piano) 00:04:05 -- Epiphany (arr. J. Musto for piano) 00:05:05 -- Pretty Woman (arr. M. Turnage for piano) 00:03:45 -- Paraphrase (Someone in a Tree) (arr. P. Kline for piano) 00:05:42 -- In and Out of Love (arr. B. Speach for piano) 00:06:00 -- Another Hundred People (arr. D.B. Roumain for piano) 00:07:18 -- Into the Woods (arr. A. Akiho for piano) 00:08:58 -- Every Day a Little Death (arr. R.I. Gordon for piano) 00:05:19 -- Merrily We Roll Along (arr. N. Vigeland for piano) 00:05:39 -- Notes on "Beautiful" (arr. R. Sharman for piano) 00:05:27 -- Being Alive (arr. G. Kahane for piano) 00:04:45 -- Not While I'm Around (arr. T. Newman for piano) 00:02:55 -- The Ballad of Guiteau (arr. J. Bischoff for piano) 00:05:53 -- Now (arr. M.E. Childs for piano) 00:03:22 -- A Child of Children and Art (arr. P. Golub for piano) 00:08:25 -- Going … Gone (arr. T. León for piano) 00:07:38 -- Everybody's Got the Right (arr. M. Daugherty for piano) 00:04:36 -- Sunday in the Park – Passages (arr. A. De Mare for piano) 00:05:21 --