• Titel: JEWISH MUSIC OF THE DANCE. Barcelona Symphony and Catalonia National Orchestra, Orchester -- Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, Orchester -- Coral Carmina, Chor -- Gunzenhauser, Stephen -- Mester, Jorge -- Milhaud, Darius, Komponist -- Mizrahi, Alberto, Kantor -- Saminsky, Lazare, Komponist -- Schwarz, Gerard -- Silverstein, Joseph, Violine -- Stein, Leon, Dichter/Text -- Wolpe, Stefan, Komponist
  • Person(en): Milhaud, Darius [Komposition] ; Saminsky, Lazare [Komposition] ; Wolpe, Stefan [Komposition]
  • Organisation(en): Barcelona Symphony and Catalonia National Orchestra ; Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra ; Coral Carmina
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: Naxos American Jewish Music, 2007
  • Anmerkungen: 3 Hassidic Dances: No. 1. Dance of the Joyous: Allegro; No. 2. Dance of the Enraptured: Adagio - Andantino; No. 3. Dance of the Exultant: Moderato - Allegro 00:17:25 -- Moise, Op. 219, "Op. americanum No. 2": I. Overture: Israelites suffering under slavery; II. Modere: Moses birth and discovery; III. Anime: Moses brought to court; IV. Suple et Anime: Moses as pet of the court; political intrigue; VIII. Lent: Moses' descent from Mt. Sinai; smashing the tablets; ... 00:15:34 -- The Man from Midian: I. Serfdom - Lamentation; II. Mother Conceives [Conceals] Child; III. Pharaoh's Daughter Bathes in the Nile, Finds the Baby; IV. Procession; V. Pet of the Court - Political Intrigue; ... 00:19:05 -- The Vision of Ariel: Scene 1; Scene 3 00:21:58 --