MOZART TV - Favorite TV tunes in the style of Great Classical Composers


Titel: MOZART TV - Favorite TV tunes in the style of Great Classical Composers. Becknell, Steven, Horn -- Belgardt, Ramiro, Violoncello -- Curtis, Sonny, Komponist -- Daniel, Eliot, Komponist -- Dillon, Burnette, Trompete -- Evans, Ray, Komponist -- Gershon, Grant, Klavier -- Greenfield, Howard, Komponist -- Griffin, Merv, Komponist -- Hamilton, Malcolm, Cembalo -- Hart Angelo, Judy, Komponist -- Hollywood Chamber Symphony, Orchester -- James, Bob, Compact Disc -- Keller, Jack, Dichter/Text -- Livingston, Jay, Komponist -- Mizzy, Vic, Komponist -- Portnoy, Gary, Komponist -- Skloff, Michael, Komponist -- Tennant, Scott, Komponist -- Turovsky, JoAnn, Harfe -- Weiss, Sidney, Violine -- Willis, Allee, Komponist
Person(en): Curtis, Sonny [KomponistIn] ; Daniel, Eliot [KomponistIn] ; Evans, Ray [KomponistIn] ; Greenfield, Howard [KomponistIn] ; Griffin, Merv [KomponistIn] ; Hart Angelo, Judy [KomponistIn] ; Livingston, Jay [KomponistIn] ; Mizzy, Vic [KomponistIn] ; Portnoy, Gary [KomponistIn] ; Skloff, Michael [KomponistIn] ; Tennant, Scott [KomponistIn] ; Willis, Allee [KomponistIn]
Umfang: Online-Ressource
Erschienen: Delos, 2008
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Anmerkungen: Madama Butterfly, Akt II: Un bel di, vedremo 00:03:42 -- Madama Butterfly, Akt II: Humming Chor: I. Hill Street Blues; II. Suicide is Painless (M-A-S-H); III. The Brady Bunch 00:14:45 -- Madame Butterfly: Summchor 00:03:19 -- X-Files Theme (in the style of Hovhaness) (arr. D. Fraser) 00:04:27 -- Taxi: Angela's Theme (in the style of Villa-Lobos) (arr. D. Fraser) 00:03:19 -- Green Acres (in the style of Joplin) (arr. D. Fraser) 00:04:06 -- Madama Butterfly, Akt II: Un bel di, vedremo 00:03:23 -- Mister Ed: Mr. Ed (in the style of Rodrigo) (arr. D. Fraser) 00:02:46 -- Jeopardy: Think Music (in the style of Handel) (arr. D. Fraser) 00:03:13 -- The Jetsons: Jetsons (in the style of Britten) (arr. D. Fraser) 00:03:29 -- Cheers: Where Everybody Knows Your Name (in the style of Ireland) (arr. D. Fraser) 00:05:16 -- I Love Lucy: I Love Lucy (in the style of Purcell) (arr. D. Fraser) 00:04:33 -- Star Trek (Voyager): Main Title (in the style of Strauss) (arr. D. Fraser) 00:03:44 --