Chu Chin Chow (excerpts) / FRASER-SIMPSON, H.: The Maid of the Mountains (excerpts) (Hollingsworth, Taverner)


  • Titel: The Maid of the Mountains (excerpts) (Hollingsworth, Taverner) / NORTON, F.. Asche, Oscar, Dichter/Text -- Bryan, Julie, Gesang -- Clyde, Gordon, Gesang -- Connors, Ursula, Sopran -- Darling, Edward, Tenor -- Edwards, Jimmy, Gesang -- Fraser-Simson, Harold, Komponist -- Graham, Harry, Dichter/Text -- Grimaldi, Marion, Sopran -- Hollingsworth, John -- Humphris, Ian, Gesang -- Jason, Neville, Gesang -- Kennington, Lynn, Gesang -- Leigh, Barbara, Gesang -- London Symphony Orchestra, Orchester -- Mahoney, Janet, Gesang -- Michael Collins Orchestra, Orchester -- Norton, Frederic, Komponist -- Rita Williams Singers, Chor -- Studio chorus, Chor -- Studio orchestra, Orchester -- Taverner, Derek -- Thompson, James, Gesang -- Wakefield, Johnny, Tenor -- Wiata, Inia Te, Bassbariton -- Young, Charles Rochester, Gesang
  • Person(en): Fraser-Simson, Harold [Komposition] ; Norton, Frederic [Komposition]
  • Organisation(en): London Symphony Orchestra ; Michael Collins Orchestra ; Rita Williams Singers ; Studio chorus ; Studio orchestra
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: Warner Classics - Parlophone, 2011
  • Anmerkungen: Chu Chin Chow: Prelude; Act I: Here be oysters (Abdullah, Chorus); Act I: I am Chu Chin Chow (Abu Hasan, Chorus); Act I: Cleopatra's Nile (When the blood-red sun is gliding o'er the Nile) (Marjanah); Act I: I'll sing and dance (Ali Baba, Company); ... 00:43:47 -- The Maid of the Mountains: Act I: Introduction (Ah! Friends have to part) - Live for today (Though folks there be) (Brigands, Beppo); Act I: My life is love (Love is my life) (Teresa, Chorus, Beppo); Act I: Farewell (Ah, woe is me!) (Teresa); Act II: We're gathered here (Chorus, Malona); Act II: Love will find a way (Poor captive! So you say!) (Teresa); ... 00:29:11 --