Take Me Places / WRIGHT, M.: Cantata / SCHWANTNER, J.: Elixir / ROCHBERG, G.: Electrikaleidoscope (20th Century Consort, Kendall)


  • Titel: Electrikaleidoscope (20th Century Consort, Kendall) / SCHINDLER, A.. 20th Century Consort, Ensemble -- Gordon, David, Tenor -- Jones, Thomas, Schlagwerk -- Kendall, Christopher -- Rochberg, George, Komponist -- Schindler, Allan, Komponist -- Schwantner, Joseph, Komponist -- Wright, Maurice, Komponist
  • Person(en): Rochberg, George [KomponistIn] ; Schindler, Allan [KomponistIn] ; Schwantner, Joseph [KomponistIn] ; Wright, Maurice [KomponistIn]
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: Innova, 2009
  • Anmerkungen: Take Me Places: I. The Winds Begin to Rise; II. Soft Hour, that Wakes the Wish; III. Chariot of Fire 00:16:18 -- Cantata: To Music, to Becalm his Fever; To Lucis Playing on Her Lute; The Commendation of Music; Wit Predominant; To Music, to Becalm his Fever; ... 00:16:21 -- L'elisir d'amore (Der Liebestrank): Una furtiva lagrima 00:11:05 -- Black Sounds: I. Double Canon Overture; II. Blues Rock (A); III. Adagio; IV. Blues Rock (B); V. Tag Finale; ... 00:22:43 --