Strawberry Fields [Opera] / Pentecost (Miller)


Torke, Michael

  • Titel: Strawberry Fields [Opera] / Pentecost (Miller) / TORKE, M.. Albany Pro Musica, Chor -- Albany Symphony Orchestra, Orchester -- Beer, Lucille, Kontraalt -- Bible - New Testament, Dichter/Text -- Castle, Joyce, Mezzosopran -- Estes, Aaron, Tenor -- Gardner, Heather, Sopran -- Gurney, A.R., Dichter/Text -- Hancock, John, Bariton -- Kibler, Panhandler Keith, Bariton -- Lentz, Jeffrey, Tenor -- Lloyd, Margaret, Sopran -- Miller, David Alan -- Torke, Michael, Komponist
  • Person(en): Torke, Michael ; Torke, Michael [KomponistIn]
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: Ecstatic Records, 2012
  • Anmerkungen: Strawberry Fields: Good afternoon (Old Lady, Student, Workman); This is the time (Old Lady, Student); Mother, we've been searching everywhere! (Son, Old Lady, Student); If I were your mother (Student); Thank you for your thoughts (Son, Student, Old Lady); ... / Torke, Michael 00:37:49 -- Pentecost: And It Shall Come to Pass; And I Will Show Wonders; Whosoever Shall Call / Torke, Michael 00:14:32 --