Heartland Concert (A)


Titel: Heartland Concert (A) / UNITED STATES AIR FORCE HEARTLAND OF AMERICA BAND. Barber, Samuel, Komponist -- Davis, Keith Michael, Komponist -- Ellerby, Martin, Komponist -- Fillmore, Henry, Komponist -- Prokofiev, Sergey, Komponist -- Sousa, John Philip, Komponist -- Stravinsky, Igor, Komponist -- Thompson, Randall, Komponist -- United States Air Force Heartland of America Band, Ensemble
Person(en): Barber, Samuel [KomponistIn] ; Davis, Keith Michael [KomponistIn] ; Ellerby, Martin [KomponistIn] ; Fillmore, Henry [KomponistIn] ; Prokofiev, Sergey [KomponistIn] ; Sousa, John Philip [KomponistIn] ; Stravinsky, Igor [KomponistIn] ; Thompson, Randall [KomponistIn]
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Erschienen: Altissimo, 2010
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Anmerkungen: A Western Plains Overture 00:08:22 -- The Bride Elect (arr. T.W. Swayzee) 00:02:34 -- Medea's Meditation and Dance of Vengeance, Op. 23a (arr. F. Hudson for wind ensemble) 00:12:33 -- Paris Sketches: No. 1. Saint-Germain-des-Pres; No. 2. Pigalle; No. 3. Pere Lachaise; No. 4. Les halles 00:13:39 -- Alleluia (arr. L.J. Buckley) 00:05:54 -- Circus Polka (version for band) 00:03:28 -- The Circus Bee 00:02:21 -- Waltz Suite, Op. 110: VI. Towards Happiness (arr. C. Gallagher) 00:03:24 -- Bright Colored Dances: I. Butterfly Yellow; II. Clarinet Green; III. Comic Royal Purple; IV. Tarantella Red 00:08:05 -- Turkey in the Straw (arr. L. Buckley) 00:04:10 --