In My Dream


  • Titel: In My Dream / UNITED STATES ARMY FIELD BAND. Adams, Jeff, Posaune -- Ashford, Nickolas, Komponist -- Benson, Renaldo Obie, Dichter/Text -- Brown, James, Englischhorn -- Cenales, Victor, Gesang -- Cleveland, Al, Dichter/Text -- Cook, Doc, Dichter/Text -- Gaye, Marvin, Dichter/Text -- Hamilton, Finley R. -- Hayes, Isaac, Komponist -- Hunter, Ivy Jo, Dichter/Text -- Isley, Ronald, Dichter/Text -- Isley, Rudolph, Dichter/Text -- Isley Jr., O'Kelly, Dichter/Text -- Johnston, Michael, Trompete -- Layton, Andrew, Alt-Saxophon -- Lewis, Calvin Houston, Komponist -- Lewis, Marva, Gesang -- McKay, V. Michael, Komponist -- Muse, Clarence, Komponist -- Norton, Judith, Alt -- Otis, Clyde, Komponist -- Parker, Charlie, Komponist -- Porter, David, Komponist -- R. Kelly,, Komponist -- Redding, Otis, Komponist -- Rene, Leon, Komponist -- Rene, Otis, Komponist -- Richards, Eric, Komponist -- Robinson, Smokey, Komponist -- Rogers, Bobby, Dichter/Text -- Shorter, Wayne, Komponist -- Simpson, Valerie, Komponist -- Stevenson, William Mickey, Dichter/Text -- United States Army Field Band, Ensemble -- Watt, Kevin, Trompete -- Wells, Timothy, Gesang -- Wonder, Stevie, Komponist -- Woods, Harry M., Komponist -- Wright, Andrew, Orgel -- Young, Timothy, Klavier
  • Person(en): Ashford, Nickolas [Komposition] ; Hayes, Isaac [Komposition] ; Lewis, Calvin Houston [Komposition] ; McKay, V. Michael [Komposition] ; Muse, Clarence [Komposition] ; Otis, Clyde [Komposition] ; Parker, Charlie [Komposition] ; Porter, David [Komposition] ; R. Kelly, [Komposition] ; Redding, Otis [Komposition] ; Rene, Leon [Komposition] ; Rene, Otis [Komposition] ; Richards, Eric [Komposition] ; Robinson, Smokey [Komposition] ; Shorter, Wayne [Komposition] ; Simpson, Valerie [Komposition] ; Wonder, Stevie [Komposition] ; Woods, Harry M. [Komposition]
  • Organisation(en): United States Army Field Band
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: Altissimo, 2006
  • Anmerkungen: In My Dream (Ouvertüre): I. Chant; II. Oh, Freedom; III. Maple Leaf Rag (after J. Scott); IV. St. Louis Blues (after W.C. Handy); V. You Send Me (after C.L. Cooke); ... 00:11:15 -- Soon I Will be Done with the Trouble of the World (bearb. von R. Jefferson) 00:04:54 -- I'm On the Battlefield for My Lord - I'm A Soldier (bearb. von R. Jefferson) 00:04:21 -- When It's Sleepy Time Down South (bearb. von E. Richards) 00:04:52 -- What a Little Moonlight Can Do (bearb. von V. Norman) 00:03:12 -- This Bitter Earth (bearb. von E. Thorne) 00:03:46 -- Scrapple from the Apple (bearb. von V. Norman) 00:02:11 -- Nefertiti (bearb. von D. Brenzel) 00:06:21 -- Classic Rhythm und Blues Tribute: I. Dancing in the Street (after M. Gaye, I.G. Hunter and W. Stevenson); II. Hold On, I'm Comin' (after I. Hayes and D. Porter); III. Respect (after O. Redding); IV. The Way You Do the Things You Do (after S. Robinson and B. Rogers); V. Papa's Got a Brand New Bag (after after J. Brown); ... 00:11:27 -- It's Time to Make a Change (bearb. von J. Norris) 00:02:50 -- In My Dream 00:06:29 -- Hold On (bearb. von T. Wells) 00:04:36 --