National Anthems - DEBALI, F.J. / OVALLE, R.Á. / REYES, J. / SINDICI, O. / SMITH, J.S. (Banda de Aviación Española, de Arriba)


  • Titel: National Anthems - DEBALI, F.J. / OVALLE, R.Á. / REYES, J. / SINDICI, O. / SMITH, J.S. (Banda de Aviación Española, de Arriba). Aberle, Juan, Komponist -- Alcedo, Jose Bernardo, Komponist -- Banda de Aviación Española, Ensemble -- Battle, Ramon Carnicer y, Komponist -- Debali, Francisco Jose, Komponist -- Delgadillo, Luis Abraham, Komponist -- Figueredo, Pedro, Komponist -- Geffrard, Nicolas, Komponist -- Gutierrez, Manuel Maria, Komponist -- Hartling, Carlos, Komponist -- Jorge, Santos A., Komponist -- Landaeta, Juan Jose, Komponist -- Neumane, Antonio, Komponist -- Novaro, Michele, Komponist -- Nuno, Jaime, Komponist -- Ovalle, Rafael Alvarez, Komponist -- Parera, Jose Blas, Komponist -- Reyes, Jose, Komponist -- Silva, Francisco Manoel da, Komponist -- Sindici, Oreste, Komponist -- Smith, John Stafford, Komponist -- Vincenti, Leopoldo Benedetto, Komponist -- de Arriba, Manuel Gómez
  • Person(en): Aberle, Juan [Komposition] ; Alcedo, Jose Bernardo [Komposition] ; Battle, Ramon Carnicer y [Komposition] ; Debali, Francisco Jose [Komposition] ; Delgadillo, Luis Abraham [Komposition] ; Figueredo, Pedro [Komposition] ; Geffrard, Nicolas [Komposition] ; Gutierrez, Manuel Maria [Komposition] ; Hartling, Carlos [Komposition] ; Jorge, Santos A. [Komposition] ; Landaeta, Juan Jose [Komposition] ; Neumane, Antonio [Komposition] ; Novaro, Michele [Komposition] ; Nuno, Jaime [Komposition] ; Ovalle, Rafael Alvarez [Komposition] ; Parera, Jose Blas [Komposition] ; Reyes, Jose [Komposition] ; Silva, Francisco Manoel da [Komposition] ; Sindici, Oreste [Komposition] ; Smith, John Stafford [Komposition] ; Vincenti, Leopoldo Benedetto [Komposition]
  • Organisation(en): Banda de Aviación Española
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: Efen Records, 2018
  • Anmerkungen: The Star-Spangled Banner, "O say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light" (United States of America) 00:01:25 -- Mexico [Himno Nacional Mexicano (Mexican National Anthem), "May the divine archangel…"] 00:01:40 -- Guatemala ["Fortunate Guatemala!…"] 00:01:25 -- Nicaragua ["Hail to you, Nicaragua…"] 00:00:53 -- Costa Rica [Himno Nacional (National Anthem), "Noble homeland, your beautiful flag…"] 00:01:48 -- Panama [Himno Istmeno (Isthmus Hymn), "It is necessary to veil with a curtain…"] 00:01:56 -- Colombia [Himno Nacional (National Anthem), "The fearful night came to an end…"] 00:02:26 -- Venezuela ["Glory to the brave nation which shook off the yoke…"] 00:01:45 -- Brazil [Hino Nacional do Brasil (National Anthem of Brazil), "There was heard…"] 00:02:14 -- Uruguay ["Eastern landsmen, our country or the tomb!"] 00:03:41 -- Paraguay ["For three centuries a reign oppressed the unhappy peoples of America…"] 00:01:51 -- El Salvador (Of peace enjoyed in perfect happiness…) 00:04:53 -- Spain [Himno Nacional Espanol (Spanish National Anthem), "Gloria, gloria…" - Marcha Real] 00:01:44 -- Argentina [Himno Nacional Argentino (Argentine National Anthem), "Mortals! Hear the sacred cry…"] 00:02:57 -- Chile [Himno Nacional de Chile (National Anthem of Chile), "Chile, your sky…"] 00:02:08 -- Peru [Marcha Nacional (National March), "For a long time the Peruvian…"] 00:02:55 -- Ecuador [Himno Nacional del Ecuador (National Anthem of Ecuador), "The worthy sons…"] 00:02:48 -- Cuba [La Bayamesa (The Bayamo Song), "Hasten to battle, men of Bayamo…"] 00:02:11 -- Haiti [La Dessalinienne (The Dessalines Song), "For our country, for our forefathers…"] 00:01:18 -- Dominican Republic [Himno Nacional de la Republica Dominicana, "Brave men of Quisqueya…"] 00:01:31 -- Bolivia [Cancion Patriotica (Patriotic Song), "Bolivians, a favourable destiny…"] 00:01:25 -- Honduras ["Like an Indian maiden you were sleeping…"] 00:02:34 -- Italy [Il Canto degli Italiani (The Song of the Italians), "Italian Brother, Italy has awakened …"] 00:01:38 --