33 Songs on Poems of Emily Dickinson (Rees, Smit)


Smit, Leo

  • Titel: 33 Songs on Poems of Emily Dickinson (Rees, Smit) / SMIT, L.. Dickinson, Emily, Dichter/Text -- Rees, Rosalind, Sopran -- Smit, Leo, Komponist
  • Person(en): Smit, Leo ; Smit, Leo [KomponistIn]
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: Bridge Records, 2007
  • Anmerkungen: The Ecstatic Pilgrimage, Cycle 1: Childe Emilie: I. I was the slightest in the house; II. Through Lane it lay - through bramble; III. It troubled me as once I was; IV. The Child's faith is new; V. Softened by Time's consummate plush; ... / Smit, Leo 00:28:30 -- The Ecstatic Pilgrimage, Cycle 2: The Celestial Thrush: I. I was a Phoebe - nothing more; II. The Bird her punctual music brings; III. The earth mas many Keys; IV. The Bobolink is gone; V. A train went through a burial gate; ... / Smit, Leo 00:21:40 -- The Ecstatic Pilgrimage, Cycle 6: The White Diadem: I. I reckon - when I count at all; II. I dwell in Possibility; III. The Martyr Poets - did not tell; IV. The Poets Light but Lamps; V. I would not paint - a picture; ... / Smit, Leo 00:11:54 --