Of Love and Life


Pann, Carter

  • Titel: Of Love and Life / UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO WIND SYMPHONY. Bird-Arvidsson, Jennifer, Sopran -- Booth, Philip, Dichter/Text -- Budbill, David, Dichter/Text -- Kinsey, Leland, Dichter/Text -- McMurray, Allan -- Pann, Carter, Komponist -- Scafidi, Steve, Dichter/Text -- University of Colorado Wind Symphony, Ensemble
  • Person(en): Pann, Carter ; Pann, Carter [KomponistIn]
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: Klavier, 2012
  • Anmerkungen: Songs of Love and Life: I. Swinging Into the Night; II. First Lesson; III. Prayer for a Marriage; IV. Winter - Tonight - Sunset 00:24:17 -- Symphony for Winds "My Brother's Brain": I. The Inventions - to my brother's uncompromising craft; II. Demonsphere - on my brother's struggle; III. The Hymn of Forgiving - to my brother's unwavering empathy 00:28:17 --