Choral Works


Avshalomov, Jacob

Titel: Choral Works / AVSHALOMOV. Avshalomov, Jacob, Komponist -- Avshalomov, Doris, Dichter/Text -- Cleveland, Nancy, Klavier -- Cowles, Robert -- Geary, Robert -- Hobart and William Smith College Choir, Chor -- Hulley, Meg -- Longstreth, Clara -- Loyola University Chorale, Chor -- New Amsterdam Singers, Chor -- Pitter, Ruth, Dichter/Text -- Smylie, Dennis, Bass-Klarinette -- Volti, Chor -- Werner, Eric, Kontrabass
Person(en): Avshalomov, Jacob ; Avshalomov, Jacob [KomponistIn]
Umfang: Online-Ressource
Erschienen: Albany, 2007
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Anmerkungen: When Summer Shines: I. The Comet; II. Dew; III. Call Not To Me; IV. For Sleep, or Death; V. The Mayfly; ... / Avshalomov, Jacob 00:23:55 -- His Fluid Aria / Avshalomov, Jacob 00:16:13 -- Reflections from the Road: I. On US 30 in Idaho; II. Father the Tree; III. Flea Circus at Tivoli; IV. Olives; V. Winging West from LaGrande; ... / Avshalomov, Jacob 00:10:31 -- Songs in Season: I. Wind, Wind of October; II. Christmas in Ascona; III. Be Valentine, Be Romeo; IV. Let this Day March In; V. Lizard, My Shadow; ... / Avshalomov, Jacob 00:22:17 --