Aaron Copland Collection (The) (Osgood, Hamilton)


Titel: Aaron Copland Collection (The) (Osgood, Hamilton) / COPLAND, A.. Barbour, John, Dichter/Text -- Bible, Dichter/Text -- Bishop, Allen, Bass -- Bloom, Sol, Dichter/Text -- Brackett, Jr., Joseph, Dichter/Text -- Copland, Aaron, Komponist -- Hamilton, Finley R. -- Horn, Charles Edward, Dichter/Text -- Johns, Erik, Dichter/Text -- Lincoln, Abraham, Dichter/Text -- Lowry, Robert, Dichter/Text -- McCurry, John G., Komponist -- Morris, George Pope, Dichter/Text -- Osgood, Charles, Erzähler -- Silvester, William -- Smuts, Jan, Dichter/Text -- Taggard, Genevieve, Dichter/Text -- United States Army Field Band, Ensemble -- United States Army Field Band Soldiers' Chorus, Chor
Person(en): Copland, Aaron [KomponistIn] ; McCurry, John G. [KomponistIn]
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Erschienen: Altissimo, 2013
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Anmerkungen: Ceremonial Fanfare / Copland, Aaron 00:04:03 -- Variations on a Shaker Melody / Copland, Aaron 00:03:33 -- The Tender Land (arr. T. Duffy for wind ensemble): Act II: Stomp Your Foot; Act I: The promise of living / Copland, Aaron 00:08:23 -- Lark / Copland, Aaron 00:04:11 -- The Red Pony Suite (version for wind ensemble): IIIa. Dream March; IIIb. Circus Music; IV. Walk to the Bunkhouse; V. Grandfather's Story; VI. Happy Ending; ... / Copland, Aaron 00:15:08 -- Krönungsmarsch, Op. 65: I. The Boatmen's Dance; II. The Dodger; III. Long Time Ago; V. I Bought Me a Cat / Copland, Aaron 00:10:10 -- Billy the Kid: Waltz and Celebration (arr. P. Lang for wind ensemble): Waltz; Celebration / Copland, Aaron 00:06:39 -- 4 Motets: No. 1. Help us, O Lord; No. 2. Thou, O Jehovah, abideth forever; No. 3. Have mercy on us, O my Lord; No. 4. Sing ye praises to our King / Copland, Aaron 00:11:09 -- Preamble for a Solemn Occasion (version for wind ensemble) / Copland, Aaron 00:05:33 -- Emblems / Copland, Aaron 00:10:56 -- Las agachadas (The Shake-Down Song) (arr. W. Silvester for choir and wind ensemble) / Copland, Aaron 00:03:30 -- An Outdoor Overture (version for band) / Copland, Aaron 00:09:14 -- Lincoln Portrait (arr. W. Beeler) / Copland, Aaron 00:15:58 -- Old American Songs II (arr. W. Silvester for choir and wind ensemble): I. The Little Horses; II. Zion's Walls; III. The Golden Willow Tree; IV. At the River; V. Ching-a-ring Chaw; ... / Copland, Aaron 00:12:46 -- Canticle of Freedom (arr. W. Silvester for choir and wind ensemble) / Copland, Aaron 00:13:33 -- Down a Country Lane (arr. M. Patterson for wind ensemble) / Copland, Aaron 00:03:06 --