Romance on the High Seas / CHANDLER, G. / WARREN, H.: My Dream Is Yours (It's Magic) (Doris Day, Warner Brothers Studio Orchestra)


  • Titel: My Dream Is Yours (It's Magic) (Doris Day, Warner Brothers Studio Orchestra) / STYNE, J.. Blanc, Mel, Gesang -- Blane, Ralph, Dichter/Text -- Burtnett, Earl, Komponist -- Cahn, Sammy, Dichter/Text -- Carson, Jack, Gesang -- Chandler, Gus, Komponist -- Cohen, Henry, Dichter/Text -- Day, Doris, Gesang -- Dubin, Al, Komponist -- Heindorf, Ray -- Levant, Oscar, Klavier -- Morgan, Dennis W., Komponist -- Page Cavanaugh Trio, Ensemble -- Paige, Janis, Gesang -- Styne, Jule, Komponist -- Warner Brothers Studio Orchestra, Orchester -- Warren, Harry, Komponist -- White, Bert, Komponist
  • Person(en): Burtnett, Earl [KomponistIn] ; Chandler, Gus [KomponistIn] ; Dubin, Al [KomponistIn] ; Morgan, Dennis W. [KomponistIn] ; Styne, Jule [KomponistIn] ; Warren, Harry [KomponistIn] ; White, Bert [KomponistIn]
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: Sony Classical, 2013
  • Anmerkungen: Romance on the High Seas: Romance in High C - Romance on the High Seas; I'm in Love; It's Magic; It's You or No One; It's You or No One (Ballad); ... 00:14:46 -- My Dream Is Yours: Canadian Capers; My Dream Is Yours; Tic Tic Tic; Freddie, Get Ready; I'll String Along with You; ... 00:14:26 -- It's A Great Feeling: It's A Great Feeling; Blame My Absent-Minded Heart; That Was A Big Fat Lie; There's Nothing Rougher Than Love 00:10:25 -- Romance on the High Seas: It's Magic 00:02:01 --