After Life / LAITMAN, L.: In Sleep The World Is Yours (Music of Remembrance, Kirov)


  • Titel: In Sleep The World Is Yours (Music of Remembrance, Kirov) / CIPULLO, T.. Birkmayer, Florian, Dichter/Text -- Chenovick, Megan, Sopran -- Cipullo, Tom, Komponist -- Cook, Catherine, Mezzosopran -- Glenn, Jerry, Dichter/Text -- Hausmann, Ben, Oboe -- Kirov, Stilian -- Laitman, Lori, Komponist -- Mason, David, Dichter/Text -- Meerbaum-Eisinger, Selma, Dichter/Text -- Miller, Mina, Klavier -- Music of Remembrance, Ensemble -- Orth, Robert, Bariton -- Pine, Ava, Sopran -- Silverblatt, Helene, Dichter/Text -- Silverblatt, Irene, Dichter/Text
  • Person(en): Cipullo, Tom [KomponistIn] ; Laitman, Lori [KomponistIn]
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: Naxos Opera CD, 2016
  • Anmerkungen: After Life: Hey. He. Ah. Oh! Who? (Gertrude, Picasso); Fernande, have you brought me here? (Picasso, Gertrude); But Picasso gave birth to himself (Picasso, Gertrude); I resisted in my art (Picasso, Gertrude, Girl); Miss Stein, I remember (Girl, Gertrude, Picasso); ... 00:49:40 -- In Sleep The World Is Yours: No. 1. Lullaby; No. 2. Yes; No. 3. Tragedy 00:17:15 --