Sonatas and Cantatas (Le Tresor d'Orphée)


Purcell, Daniel

Titel: Sonatas and Cantatas (Le Tresor d'Orphée) / PURCELL, D.. Purcell, Daniel, Komponist -- Tresor d'Orphee, Le, Ensemble
Person(en): Purcell, Daniel ; Purcell, Daniel [KomponistIn]
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Erschienen: Stradivarius, 2016
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Anmerkungen: Shepherds Tune Your Pipes: Shepherds, Tune Your Pipes And Play / Purcell, Daniel 00:00:49 -- Recorder Sonata No. 2 in D Minor: IV. Allegro; III. Largo; II. Allegro; I. Adagio / Purcell, Daniel 00:05:41 -- Apollo and Daphne: Recitative: Wild As Despair the Tim'rous Daphne Flew; Air: Adagio My Dearest Daphne Do Not Fly Me; Recitative: Thus Said He Rudely Seiz'd Ye Trembling Maid; Air: Vivace Phaebus While You're Such a Rover / Purcell, Daniel 00:07:11 -- Trio Sonata No. 3 in C Major: I. Vivace; II. Largo; III. Adagio; IV. Allegro / Purcell, Daniel 00:04:36 -- She Whom Above Myself I Prize: She Whom Above Myself I Prize; Adagio Why Was She Made So Fair; Ye Gods Must I Forever Love; Vivace See there She Walks; The God of Love Around her Temples Files; ... / Purcell, Daniel 00:04:55 -- Sonata in F Major: I. Adagio; II. Largo; III. Allegro; IV. Adagio; V. Giga; ... / Purcell, Daniel 00:08:16 -- Within a Verdant Grove: I. I. Within a Verdant Grove Poor Strephon Lay; II. Who Can Beat Ye Pangs of Despair; III. The God of Love are Heard the Shepherds Sighs; IV. Lovely Shepherd Sigh No More / Purcell, Daniel 00:08:33 -- Trio Sonata in F Major: I. Largo; II. Allegro; III. Adagio; IV. Vivace / Purcell, Daniel 00:04:19 -- Septimius and Acme: Recitative: Whilst on Septimius Panting Breast; Air: Adagio My Dearest Acme If I Be Once Alive; Recitative: Acme Inflam'd With What He Said; Air: Vivace My Little Life, My All Said She / Purcell, Daniel 00:06:52 -- Trio Sonata in G Minor: I. Adagio; II. Allegro; IV. Largo; III. Allegro / Purcell, Daniel 00:06:11 -- My God, My God, Look Upon Me: I. My God, My God, Look Upon Me; II. Our Fathers Hoped In Thee; III. But As For Me I Am A Worm And No Man; IV. But Thou Art He That Took Me; V. Will Declare They Name Unto My Breathen; ... / Purcell, Daniel 00:08:10 --