Fun and Faith of William Billings, American (The) / BILLINGS, W.: Hymns / SCHUMAN, W.: New England Triptych (A. Doráti)


  • Titel: New England Triptych (A. Doráti) / BENNETT, R.R.. Arnold, John, Dichter/Text -- Bennett, Robert Russell, Komponist -- Billings, William, Komponist -- Doráti, Antal -- Schuman, William, Komponist -- University of Maryland Chorus, Chor -- Washington National Symphony Orchestra, Orchester
  • Person(en): Bennett, Robert Russell [KomponistIn] ; Billings, William [KomponistIn] ; Schuman, William [KomponistIn]
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: Decca, 2016
  • Anmerkungen: The Fun and Faith of William Billings, American: I. Allegro moderato; II. O Praise God; III. Andante: When Jesus Wept; IV. Allegretto: I Am the Rose of Sharon; V. Adagio - Moderato poco allegretto; ... 00:30:04 -- Be Glad Then America 00:05:16 -- The New England Psalm Singer: When Jesus Wept 00:01:51 -- The Singing Master's Assistant 00:01:55 -- New England Triptych: Be Glad then America; When Jesus Wept; Chester 00:14:37 --