Choral Music - HOLST, G. / SIBELIUS, J. / HOWELLS, H. / TALLIS, T. (Abide with Me) (University of Melbourne Trinity College Choir, M.L. Jones)


  • Titel: Choral Music - HOLST, G. / SIBELIUS, J. / HOWELLS, H. / TALLIS, T. (Abide with Me) (University of Melbourne Trinity College Choir, M.L. Jones). Australian Chamber Brass Ensemble, Ensemble -- Bach, Johann Sebastian, Komponist -- Bible - New Testament, Dichter/Text -- Bradley, Jonathan, Orgel -- Connolly, Richard, Komponist -- Dykes, John Bacchus, Komponist -- Filitz, Friedrich, Komponist -- Goss, John, Komponist -- Henrici, Christian Friedrich, Dichter/Text -- Holst, Gustav, Komponist -- Howells, Herbert, Komponist -- Irvine, Jessie Seymour, Komponist -- Jones, Michael Leighton -- Koskenniemi, Veikko Antero, Dichter/Text -- Littledale, Richard Frederick, Dichter/Text -- Lyte, Henry Francis, Dichter/Text -- Monk, William Henry, Komponist -- Namdarian, Benjamin, Tenor -- Neander, Joachim, Dichter/Text -- Prichard, Rowland Hugh, Komponist -- Purcell, Henry, Komponist -- Rutter, John, Komponist -- Scholefield, Clement Cotterill, Komponist -- Shakespeare, Suzanne, Sopran -- Sibelius, Jean, Komponist -- Stanford, Charles Villiers, Komponist -- Tallis, Thomas, Komponist -- Thwaites, Honor Mary, Dichter/Text -- University of Melbourne Trinity College Choir, Chor -- Vaughan Williams, Ralph, Komponist -- Wesley, Charles, Dichter/Text -- Whiting, William, Dichter/Text
  • Person(en): Bach, Johann Sebastian [KomponistIn] ; Connolly, Richard [KomponistIn] ; Dykes, John Bacchus [KomponistIn] ; Filitz, Friedrich [KomponistIn] ; Goss, John [KomponistIn] ; Holst, Gustav [KomponistIn] ; Howells, Herbert [KomponistIn] ; Irvine, Jessie Seymour [KomponistIn] ; Monk, William Henry [KomponistIn] ; Prichard, Rowland Hugh [KomponistIn] ; Purcell, Henry [KomponistIn] ; Rutter, John [KomponistIn] ; Scholefield, Clement Cotterill [KomponistIn] ; Sibelius, Jean [KomponistIn] ; Stanford, Charles Villiers [KomponistIn] ; Tallis, Thomas [KomponistIn] ; Vaughan Williams, Ralph [KomponistIn]
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: ABC Classics, 2017
  • Anmerkungen: Praise to the Lord (Tune: Lobe den Herren) (arr. C. Willcock) 00:03:14 -- I vow to thee, my country 00:03:02 -- Be still, my soul (arr. R. Prizeman) 00:04:17 -- Be Thou My Vision (arr. C. Willcock) 00:02:14 -- Lord of earth and all creation (arr. M.L. Jones) 00:03:04 -- Matthäus Passion, BWV 244 00:02:42 -- Glory be to Jesus (Tune: Caswall) (arr. M.L. Jones) 00:03:01 -- Holy Father, God of Might (arr. P. Nicholls for choir) 00:02:00 -- All My Hope on God Is Founded (arr. M.L. Jones and J. Rutter for choir) 00:03:32 -- I bind unto myself today (Tune: St. Patrick's Breastplate/ Deirdre) (arr. C.V. Stanford) 00:07:44 -- All praise to thee, my God, this night (arr. M.L. Jones) 00:02:21 -- All creatures of our God and King (Tune: Lasst uns erfreuen) (arr. M.L. Jones) 00:04:51 -- The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended (Tune: St. Clement) (arr. M.L. Jones) 00:03:32 -- Abide with Me (arr. M.L. Jones) 00:05:18 -- The Lord's my shepherd (Tune: Crimond/ Brother James' Air) (arr. M.L. Jones) 00:03:09 -- Eternal Father, strong to save (Tune: Melita) (arr. M.L. Jones) 00:03:08 -- Love divine, all loves excelling (arr. M.L. Jones for choir) 00:03:58 -- Praise, My Soul the King of Heaven 00:03:27 -- All People that on Earth Do Dwell (arr. R. Vaughan Williams) 00:05:40 -- Come down, O Love Divine (arr. M.L. Jones) 00:04:01 -- Sine nomine (For all the saints) (arr. C. Willcock) 00:03:33 --