Joshua [Oratorium] (Palmer)


Handel, George Frideric

  • Titel: Joshua [Oratorium] (Palmer) / HÄNDEL, G.F.. Aler, John, Tenor -- Baird, Julianne, Sopran -- Brewer Chamber Orchestra, Orchester -- Fortunato, D' Anna, Mezzosopran -- Handel, George Frideric, Komponist -- Ostendorf, John, Bass -- Palmer, Rudolph -- Palmer Singers, Chor
  • Person(en): Handel, George Frideric ; Handel, George Frideric [Komposition]
  • Organisation(en): Brewer Chamber Orchestra ; Palmer Singers
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: Newport Classic, 1991
  • Anmerkungen: Joshua HWV 64: Introduction; Act I: Ye Sons of Israel, ev'ry tribe attend (Chorus of Israelites); Act I: Aria: O first in wisdom, what vast rewards are giv'n (Caleb); Act I: Aria: Oh! Who can tell, oh! Who can hear (Achsah); Act I: To long to posterity we were record (Chorus, Joshua); ... / Handel, George Frideric 02:00:46 --