NATIONAL ANTHEMS OF EUROPE, Vol. 1 (European Philharmonic)


  • Titel: NATIONAL ANTHEMS OF EUROPE, Vol. 1 (European Philharmonic). Bons, Enric Marfany, Komponist -- Campenhout, Francois van, Komponist -- European Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchester -- Hajibeyov, Uzeyir, Komponist -- Haydn, Franz Joseph, Komponist -- Holzer, Johann, Komponist -- Kanachyan, Barsegh, Komponist -- Kroyer, Hans Ernst, Komponist -- Mantzaros, Nikolaos Halikiopoulos, Komponist -- Pacius, Fredrik, Komponist -- Porumbescu, Ciprian, Komponist -- Radoslavov, Tsvetan Tsvetkov, Komponist -- Rouget de Lisle, Claude-Joseph, Komponist -- Runjanin, Josip, Komponist -- Sakalouski, Nester, Komponist -- Sestic, Dusan, Komponist -- Skroup, Frantisek Jan, Komponist
  • Person(en): Bons, Enric Marfany [KomponistIn] ; Campenhout, Francois van [KomponistIn] ; Hajibeyov, Uzeyir [KomponistIn] ; Haydn, Franz Joseph [KomponistIn] ; Holzer, Johann [KomponistIn] ; Kanachyan, Barsegh [KomponistIn] ; Kroyer, Hans Ernst [KomponistIn] ; Mantzaros, Nikolaos Halikiopoulos [KomponistIn] ; Pacius, Fredrik [KomponistIn] ; Porumbescu, Ciprian [KomponistIn] ; Radoslavov, Tsvetan Tsvetkov [KomponistIn] ; Rouget de Lisle, Claude-Joseph [KomponistIn] ; Runjanin, Josip [KomponistIn] ; Sakalouski, Nester [KomponistIn] ; Sestic, Dusan [KomponistIn] ; Skroup, Frantisek Jan [KomponistIn]
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  • Erschienen: Cat Music & More, 2018
  • Anmerkungen: Albania [Hymni I Flamurit (Hymn To The Flag), "The flag which in battle unites us…" 00:01:01 -- Andorra [Himne Andorra (Andorra Hymn), "The great Charlemagne, my Father …"] 00:01:03 -- Armenia [Mer Hayrenik (Our Fatherland), "Land of our fathers, free, independent …"] 00:00:56 -- Austria [Osterreichische Bundeshymne (Austrian Federal Hymn), "Land of mountains …"] 00:02:10 -- Azerbaijan [Azerbaijan Marzi (Azerbaijan March), "Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan! …"] 00:01:09 -- Belarus [Dziarzauny himn Respubliki Bielarus (State Anthem of the Republic of Belarus), "We are the Belarussians …"] 00:00:54 -- Belgium [La Brabanconne (The Song of Brabant), "Noble Belgium, for ever a dear land…"] 00:02:38 -- Bosnia and Herzegovina [Drzavna himna Bosne i Hercegovine (The National Anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina), "You're the light of the soul …"] 00:01:11 -- Bulgaria [Mila Rodino (Dear Homeland), "Proudly rise the Balkan peaks …"] 00:01:05 -- Croatia [Lijepa naša domovino (Our Beautiful Homeland), "Our beautiful homeland, … "] 00:01:07 -- Cyprus [Imnos Eis Tin Eleftherian (Hymn to Freedom), "I shall always recognise you…"] 00:00:58 -- Czech Republic [Ceska Statni Hymna (Czech State Hymn), "Where is my home … "] 00:01:18 -- Denmark [Der er et yndigt land] (There is a lovely country), "There is a lovely land …"] 00:01:55 -- Estonia [Mu isamaa, mu õnn ja rõõm (My Fatherland, My Happiness and Joy), "My native land, my joy and delight … "] 00:00:42 -- Finland [Maamme (Homeland), "Our land, our land, our native land…"] 00:01:48 -- France [La Marseillaise (The March of Marseille), "Arise, children of the fatherland …"] 00:02:12 -- Germany [Das Lied der Deutschen (The Song of the German), "Unity and Right and Freedom …"] 00:02:17 --