• Titel: NATIONAL ANTHEMS OF SOUTH AMERICA (Alan B. Campbell Orchestra). Alan B. Campbell Orchestra, Orchester -- Alcedo, Jose Bernardo, Komponist -- Battle, Ramon Carnicer y, Komponist -- Debali, Francisco Jose, Komponist -- Landaeta, Juan Jose, Komponist -- Lanham, Christopher, Komponist -- Neumane, Antonio, Komponist -- Parera, Jose Blas, Komponist -- Potter, Robert Cyril Gladstone, Komponist -- Puy, Johannes Corstianus de, Komponist -- Rouget de Lisle, Claude-Joseph, Komponist -- Silva, Francisco Manoel da, Komponist -- Sindici, Oreste, Komponist -- Vincenti, Leopoldo Benedetto, Komponist
  • Person(en): Alcedo, Jose Bernardo [KomponistIn] ; Battle, Ramon Carnicer y [KomponistIn] ; Debali, Francisco Jose [KomponistIn] ; Landaeta, Juan Jose [KomponistIn] ; Lanham, Christopher [KomponistIn] ; Neumane, Antonio [KomponistIn] ; Parera, Jose Blas [KomponistIn] ; Potter, Robert Cyril Gladstone [KomponistIn] ; Puy, Johannes Corstianus de [KomponistIn] ; Rouget de Lisle, Claude-Joseph [KomponistIn] ; Silva, Francisco Manoel da [KomponistIn] ; Sindici, Oreste [KomponistIn] ; Vincenti, Leopoldo Benedetto [KomponistIn]
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  • Erschienen: Cat Music & More, 2018
  • Anmerkungen: Argentina [Himno Nacional Argentino (Argentine National Anthem), "Mortals! Hear the sacred cry …"] 00:01:27 -- Bolivia [Cancion Patriotica (Patriotic Song), "Bolivians, a favourable destiny…"] 00:01:09 -- Brazil [Hino Nacional do Brasil (National Anthem of Brazil), "There was heard …"] 00:01:53 -- Chile [Himno Nacional de Chile (National Anthem of Chile), "Chile, your sky…"] 00:01:13 -- Colombia [Himno Nacional (National Anthem), "The fearful night came to an end…"] 00:01:53 -- Ecuador [Himno Nacional del Ecuador (National Anthem of Ecuador), "The worthy sons…"] 00:01:33 -- Falkland Islands [God Save the Queen, "God save our gracious Queen…"] 00:01:59 -- French Guiana [La Marseillaise (The March of Marseille), "Arise, children of the fatherland…"] 00:02:12 -- Guyana ["Dear land of Guyana of rivers and plains"] 00:00:47 -- Paraguay ["For three centuries a reign oppressed the unhappy peoples of America…"] 00:01:32 -- Peru [Marcha Nacional (National March), "For a long time the Peruvian…"] 00:00:53 -- South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands [God Save the Queen, "God save our gracious Queen…"] 00:01:59 -- Suriname ["God be with our Surinam!…"] 00:01:05 -- Uruguay ["Eastern landsmen, our country or the tomb!"] 00:00:59 -- Venezuela ["Glory to the brave nation which shook off the yoke…"] 00:01:02 --