Orchestral Music (Saint Louis Symphony, Slatkin)


Ives, Charles

Titel: Orchestral Music (Saint Louis Symphony, Slatkin) / IVES, C.. Ives, Charles, Komponist -- Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, Orchester -- Slatkin, Leonard
Person(en): Ives, Charles ; Ives, Charles [KomponistIn]
Umfang: Online-Ressource
Erschienen: RCA Records, 2018
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Anmerkungen: Orchestral Set No. 1, "3 Places in New England": I. The St. Gaudens in Boston Common (Col. Shaw and his Colored Regiment); II. Putnam's Camp, Redding, Connecticut; III. The Housatonic at Stockbridge / Ives, Charles 00:19:04 -- March No. 3 with My Old Kentucky Home / Ives, Charles 00:02:33 -- The Unanswered Question / Ives, Charles 00:05:44 -- Central Park in the Dark / Ives, Charles 00:09:18 -- Fugue in Four Keys on The Shining Shore / Ives, Charles 00:03:39 -- Sinfonie Nr. 3 "The Camp Meeting": I. Old Folks Gatherin'; II. Children's Day; III. Communion / Ives, Charles 00:21:29 --