Peter and the Wolf / ANGERER, E.: Toy Symphony (Ustinov, Philharmonia Orchestra, Karajan)


  • Titel: Toy Symphony (Ustinov, Philharmonia Orchestra, Karajan) / PROKOFIEV, S.. Angerer, Edmund, Komponist -- Karajan, Herbert von -- Philharmonia Orchestra, Orchester -- Prokofiev, Sergey, Komponist -- Ustinov, Peter, Erzähler
  • Person(en): Angerer, Edmund [KomponistIn] ; Prokofiev, Sergey [KomponistIn]
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: Warner Classics, 2019
  • Anmerkungen: Peter und der Wolf op. 67: Introduction; Early one morning Peter opened the gate…; On a branch of a big tree sat a little bird…; Just then a duck came waddling round…; Suddenly, something caught Peter's attention…; ... 00:29:18 -- Toy Symphony: I. Allegro; II. Minuet; III. Presto 00:11:00 --