Façade (C. Boyd, Soanes, Ensemble 7x3, J. Wilson)


  • Titel: Façade (C. Boyd, Soanes, Ensemble 7x3, J. Wilson) / WALTON, W.. Dehn, Paul, Dichter/Text -- Ensemble 7x3, Ensemble -- Hale, Lionel, Erzähler -- Lane, Margaret, Erzähler -- Sitwell, Edith, Dichter/Text -- Walton, William, Komponist -- Wilson, John
  • Person(en): Walton, William [Komposition]
  • Organisation(en): Ensemble 7x3
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: Orchid Classics, 2017
  • Anmerkungen: Façade: Fanfare; Hornpipe; En famille; Mariner Man; Long Steel Grass; ... 00:36:03 -- Frankly Speaking - Dame Edith Sitwell Interviewed by Paul Dehn, Lionel Hale and Margaret Lane: 'Introduction…' what is the most beautiful line of poetry?'; Personal appearance; '…the technical side of your poetry…'; Façade; Thoughts on her early work; ... 00:27:15 --