Little Red Riding Hood / The Three Little Pigs / BLAKE, H.: The Snowman (Jarvis, London Philharmonic, D. Parry)


  • Titel: The Snowman (Jarvis, London Philharmonic, D. Parry) / PATTERSON, P.. Blake, Howard, Komponist -- Dahl, Roald, Dichter/Text -- Jarvis, Chris, Erzähler -- London Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchester -- Oliver, Sam, Sopran -- Parry, David -- Patterson, Paul, Komponist -- Sturrock, Donald, Dichter/Text
  • Person(en): Blake, Howard [KomponistIn] ; Patterson, Paul [KomponistIn]
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: LPO, 2019
  • Anmerkungen: Little Red Riding Hood op. 73 (bearb. Fassung): Enchanted Forest; Wolves; Grandma; …a brilliant idea; Little Red Riding Hood Arrives; ... 00:21:22 -- The 3 Little Pigs op. 92 (Fassung für Orchester): The animal I really dig… is the pig; First Pig; Second Pig; Third Pig; Pig Calls for Help; ... 00:20:36 -- The Snowman op. 323 (Konzertfassung): It was a cold, cold winter's night; Building the Snowman; Music Box Dance and Motorbike Galop; Walking in the Air; The North Pole; ... 00:26:08 --