Fancy Free / DILORENZO, A.: Mostly Influential / PILLOW, C.: Suite from the West Side (Bernstein Tribute) (Proteus 7)


  • Titel: Suite from the West Side (Bernstein Tribute) (Proteus 7) / BERNSTEIN, L.. Bernstein, Leonard -- DiLorenzo, Anthony, Komponist -- Pillow, Charles, Englischhorn -- Proteus 7, Ensemble -- Sorenson, Dean, Komponist
  • Person(en): DiLorenzo, Anthony [Komposition] ; Sorenson, Dean [Komposition]
  • Organisation(en): Proteus 7
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: Dorian Sono Luminus, 2000
  • Anmerkungen: Fancy Free (bearb. von F. Zweifel): 3 Dance Variations: Variation 1: Galop; 3 Dance Variations: Variation 2: Waltz; 3 Dance Variations: Variation 3: Danzon 00:07:38 -- Mostly Influential: I. Ante Up; II. 3am Blues; III. Ace's High 00:08:24 -- West Side Story (bearb. von D. Sorenson): I. Prologue - Jet Song; II. Somewhere; III. Tonight; IV. Maria; V. Mambo; ... 00:17:18 -- Messe (bearb. von F. Zweifel und D.A. Richard): Gloria: Gloria tibi (arr. F. Zweifel); Simple Song (arr. F. Zweifel); Alleluia (arr. F. Zweifel); Sanctus (arr. D. Richard); Fraction (arr. F. Zweifel); ... 00:19:18 -- Divertimento (bearb. von F. Zweifel): I. Sennets and Tuckets; II. Waltz; III. In memoriam: March, "The BSO Forever": Andante 00:06:07 -- Suite from the West Side (after L. Bernstein): I. Introduction; II. Fantasy; III. I Have a Love 00:05:09 -- Wonderful Town (bearb. von R. Miller) 00:02:13 --