Year of the Tiger


  • Titel: Year of the Tiger / HO, Fred / GREEN MONSTER BIG BAND. Axton, Hoyt, Komponist -- Barbera, Joseph, Komponist -- Green Monster Big Band, Ensemble -- Hanna, William, Komponist -- Hendrix, Jimi, Komponist -- Ho, Fred, Komponist -- Margraff, Ruth, Dichter/Text -- Sherraden,, Komponist
  • Person(en): Axton, Hoyt [KomponistIn] ; Barbera, Joseph [KomponistIn] ; Hanna, William [KomponistIn] ; Hendrix, Jimi [KomponistIn] ; Ho, Fred [KomponistIn] ; Sherraden, [KomponistIn]
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: Innova, 2011
  • Anmerkungen: The Johnny Quest Theme (arr. F. Ho) / Ho, Fred 00:04:05 -- Very, Very Baaad! Tribute Medley to Michael Jackson: I. This Place Hotel (Jackson, modified by Fred Ho as Welcome to the Road Kill CafZ!); II. Bad (Very, Very Baaad!) (Jackson); III. Thriller (Super-Thriller) (Temperton, with text by Gomez) / Ho, Fred 00:20:48 -- Fire (arr. F. Ho) / Ho, Fred 00:03:33 -- Purple Haze (arr. F. Ho) / Ho, Fred 00:04:57 -- Take the Zen Train: I. Prelude to a Kiss Off: No Baggage, Please!; II. The Violence of Virtuosity; III. The Quick of My Being; IV. Optometry for the Vision-less; V. Quarantine for the Aggressor; ... / Ho, Fred 00:22:07 -- Hero Among Heroes / Ho, Fred 00:06:02 -- Blazing on the Turquoise Sea / Ho, Fred 00:08:00 --