Titel: BALLADS FOR THE AGE OF SCIENCE. Collins, Dorothy, Dichter/Text -- Evans, Dottie, Gesang -- Glazer, Tom, Komponist -- Krasnow, Hecky -- Marais, Josef, Komponist -- Marais and Miranda, Ensemble -- Singer, Lou, Komponist -- Singing Scientists and Adam, The, Ensemble -- Tony Mottola Orchestra, Orchester -- Zaret, Hy, Komponist
Person(en): Glazer, Tom [KomponistIn] ; Marais, Josef [KomponistIn] ; Singer, Lou [KomponistIn] ; Zaret, Hy [KomponistIn]
Umfang: Online-Ressource
Erschienen: Harbinger Records, 2013
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Anmerkungen: Space Songs: Zoom a Little Zoom (Rocket Ship); What Is the Milky Way?; Constellation Jig; Beep, Beep! (Here Comes the Satellite); Why Does the Sun Shine?; ... / Singer, Lou; Zaret, Hy 00:31:59 -- Experiment Songs / Singer, Lou; Zaret, Hy 00:02:08 -- Experiment Songs: Vibration; We Know the Air is There (Hi, Ho, Fiddle Dee Dee); We're Making Heat; Ice is a Solid; Why do I Have a Shadow?; ... / Singer, Lou; Zaret, Hy 00:26:08 -- Nature Songs / Singer, Lou; Zaret, Hy 00:01:33 -- Nature Songs: Why do Leaves Change their Color?; What are the Parts of a Tree?; What Is an Insect? (Cricket In a Thicket); What Is a Mammal?; How do the Fish Swim?; ... / Singer, Lou; Zaret, Hy 00:30:32 -- More Nature Songs / Singer, Lou; Zaret, Hy 00:01:44 -- More Nature Songs: How Does a Frog Become a Frog?; What is an Animal? (What is a Plant?); Bobo the Bear (The Hibernation Song); Song of the Fossils; How Does a Cow Make Milk?; ... / Singer, Lou; Zaret, Hy 00:29:36 -- Energy and Motion Songs / Singer, Lou; Zaret, Hy 00:00:59 -- Energy and Motion Songs: Grand Coulee Dam (How Energy Changes Its Form); E-lec-tri-city; Engines (Mechanical Energy); Solar Energy; Energy in Roundabout Ways; ... / Singer, Lou; Zaret, Hy 00:25:18 -- Weather Songs / Singer, Lou; Zaret, Hy 00:01:18 -- Weather Songs: Where Is the Stratosphere?; The Water Cycle Song; Why Does the Wind Blow?; How Clouds Are Formed; Warm Fronts, Cold Fronts; ... / Singer, Lou; Zaret, Hy 00:27:05 --