Tales of Panapa (Weatherly, Aotea Art Ed Choir, Trainer)


Daverne, Gary

  • Titel: Tales of Panapa (Weatherly, Aotea Art Ed Choir, Trainer) / DAVERNE, G.. Aotea Art Ed Choir, Chor -- Cranswick, Rosemary, Dichter/Text -- Daverne, Gary, Komponist -- Mark, Phil, Dichter/Text -- Studio ensemble, Ensemble -- Trainer, Deryn -- Weatherly, David, Erzähler
  • Person(en): Daverne, Gary ; Daverne, Gary [KomponistIn]
  • Umfang: Online-Ressource
  • Erschienen: Viscount Records, 2014
  • Anmerkungen: Tales of Panapa: Mountain Fairies: Intro; Told through the Mists of Time; One day, Panapa and Te Pou …; Incantation; Something terrible has happened …; ... / Daverne, Gary 00:21:17 -- Tales of Panapa: Floating Island: A Strange Dream; In those days …; Please Can You Help Me?; They did not believe her …; The Dream Is True; ... / Daverne, Gary 00:20:27 --