Great Songs from Warner Bros. Movies


  • Titel: Great Songs from Warner Bros. Movies / Editor: Tony Esposito.
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  • Erschienen: Miami : Warner Bros. Publ., c 1995
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  • Anmerkungen: Enthält: 1.About a quarter to nine/Go into your Dance. 2.Theme from 'the accidental tourist'/The accidental Tourist. 3.Al di la/Rome Adventure. 4.All through the night/All through the night. 5.Along the santa fe trail/Santa fe Trail.6.The theme from America America/America America. 7.Am I blue?/On with the Show. 8.Arthur's theme (best that you can do)/Arthur. 9.As long as I live/Saratoga trunk. 10.As time goes by/Casablanca. 11.Autumn's ballad/Cheyenne Autumn. 12.Theme from the bad seed (1. berceuse; 2. lullaby. 3. romance)/The bad seed. 13.Baltimore oriole/To have and have not. 14.Band of angels/Band of angels. 15.The batman theme/Batman. 16.Beautiful Maria of my soul/The mambo kings. 17.Blues in the night (my mama done tol' me)/Blues in the night. 18.By a waterfall/Footlight Parade. 19.Can you read my mind?/Superman. 20.Theme from the chapman report/The chapman report. 21.Chariots of fire/Chariots of fire. 22.Claudia's theme/Unforgiven. 23.Close together/Four wives. 24.Theme from the dark at the top of the stairs/The dark at the top of the stairs. 25.Daydreaming (all night long)/Gold diggers in Paris. 26.Days of wine and roses/Days of wine and roses. 27.Dennis the menace (main title theme)/Dennis the menace. 28.Don't fence me in/Hollywood canteen. 29.Don't give up the ship/Shipmates forever. 30.The dreamer/Thank your lucky stars. 31.Drifting/Auntie mame. 32.Driving miss daisy/Driving miss daisy. 33.Dust be my destiny/Dust be my Destiny. 34.Theme from 'east of eden'/East of eden. 35.Evergreen (love theme from 'A star is born')/A star is Born. 36.A face in the crowd/A face in the crowd. 37.Forty-Second street/42nd street. 38.Theme from 'the fox'/The fox. 39.Free Willy (main title theme)/Free Willy. 40.Main title from 'the fugitive'/The fugitive. 41.A gal in calico/The time, the place, and the Girl. 42.Giant (this then is Texas)/Giant. 43.Give me a song with a beautiful melody/It's a great Feeling. 44.The gold diggers' song (we're in the money)/The gold diggers of 1933. 45.The heart is a lonely hunter/The heart is a lonely hunter. 46.Theme from 'Helen of Troy'/Helen of Troy. 47.The high and the mighty/The high and the Mighty. 48.Hollywood canteen/Hollywood canteen. 49.Honey-babe/Battle cry. 50.Hooray for Hollywood/Hollywood hotel. 51.How can you forget?/Fools for scandal. 52.How could you/San Quentin. 53.How do you keep the music playing?/Best Friends. 54.How little we know/To have and have not. 55.I cross my heart/Pure Country. 56. (Everything I do) I do it for you/Robin Hood: Prince of thieves. 57.I have nothing/The Bodyguard. 58.I know now/The singing Marine. 59.I only have eyes for you/Dames. 60. (You may not be an angel, but) I'll string along with you/Twenty million Sweethearts. 61.I'm just wild about Harry/The roaring Twenties. 62.In the land of jazz/Is everybody happy. 63.It can't be wrong/Now Voyager. 64.It's magic/Romance on the high seas. 65.Jeepers creepers/Going places. 66.Theme from 'JFK'/JFK. 67.Katsumi love theme/Sayonara. 68.Keeping the wolf from the door/The gold diggers of Broadway. 69.Lady Barbara theme/Captain Horatio Hornblower. 70.The lady in red/In caliente. 71.Lady luck/The show of Shows. 72.Land of the pharoahs/Land of the pharoahs. 73.Love for love/Escape me never. 74.Love, look what you've done to me/I confess. 75.Lucy theme/Parrish. 76.Lullaby of broadway/The gold diggers of 1935. 77.Lulu's back in town/Broadway gondolier. 78.The man that got away/A star is Born. 79.Melancholy rhapsody/Young man with a horn. 80.Merrily we roll along/Warner bros.cartoons. 81.The merry-go-round broke down/Warner bros Cartoons. 82.Moanin low/Key largo. 83.My kind of town (Chicago is)/Robin and the seven Hoods. 84.The old man and the sea/The old man and the sea. 85.One more tomorrow/One more tomorrow. 86.Petulia/Petulia. 87.Put 'em in a box, tie 'em with a ribbon (and throw 'em in the deep blue sea)/ Romance on the high seas. 88.A rainy night in Rio/The time, the place & the Girl. 89.Theme from 'rebel without a cause'/Rebel without a cause. 90.Remember me?/Mr. Dodd takes the air. 91.Remember my forgotten man/Gold diggers of 1933. 92.The searchers (ride away)/The searchers. 93.Secret love/Calamity Jane. 94.Selena's waltz/So big. 95.September in the rain/Melody for two. 96.She's a latin from Manhattan/Go into your Dance. 97.Shuffle off to buffalo/42nd street. 98.Someday, I'll meet you again/Passage to marseille. 99.Theme from 'splendor in the grass'/Splendor in the grass. 100.The summer knows (theme from 'summer of '42')/Summer of '42. 101.Summer me, winter me (theme from Picasso Summer)/Picasso Summer. 102.Theme from a summer place/Summer place. 103.Theme from the sundowners/The Sundowners. 104.Theme from 'superman'/Superman. 105.Sure as you're born/Harper. 106.Swanee/Rhapsody in blue. 107.Sweet dreams, sweetheart/Hollywood canteen. 108.Song from 10 (It's easy to say)/10. 109.That's what friends are for/Night shift. 110.They're either too young or too old/Thank your lucky stars. 111.This hotel/Hotel. 112.This time the dream's on me/Blues in the night. 113.Through a thousand dreams/The time, the place and the Girl. 114.A time for love/An american Dream. 115.Tomorrow (when you are gone)/The constant nymph. 116.Too marvelous for words/Ready, willing and able. 117.Too much too soon/Too much, too soon. 118.A very precious love/Marjorie morningstar. 119.Wait until dark/Wait until dark. 120.We may never love like this again/The towering Inferno. 121.When your love has gone/Blonde crazy. 122.While you're away/My Reputation. 123.Will you be there/Free Willy. 124.With plenty of money and you/Gold diggers of 1937. 125.Would you believe me/Love and learn. 126.You must have been a beautiful baby/Hard to get. 127.You never know/Curly Sue. 128.Young and healthy/42nd street. 129.You're getting to be a habit with me/42nd street. 130.You're gonna hear from me/Inside daisy clover.
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