Heroes of the frontier


Eggers, Dave

  • Titel: Heroes of the frontier : a novel / Dave Eggers
  • Person(en): Eggers, Dave [Verfasser*in]
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Originalsprache: Englisch
  • Umfang: 385 Seiten
  • Erschienen: New York : Vintage Books, 2017
  • ISBN/Preis: 978-0-525-43433-7 Broschur : EUR 11.99
  • Signatur: UNTERHALTUNG und KREATIVITÄT > Romane
  • Englisch EGGE Belletristik

Inhalt: Josie's life is falling apart - lawsuits raining down, her business down the drain and a feckless husband long gone - so she gathers up her two kids and lights out for the wilderness. The Alaskan wilderness, to be specific.This is a story about the trip of a lifetime. It involves one battered old RV, one highly sensitive eight year old boy, one fearless and hyperactive five year old girl, several forest fires, a large supply of pinot noir, and a deeply misguided sense of optimism. It may well be that things don't turn out quite as Josie expected - but then again, some of the best places in the world are found at the end of a road you didn't mean to take...