Turtles all the way down


Green, John

  • Titel: Turtles all the way down / John Green
  • Person(en): Green, John [Verfasser*in]
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Originalsprache: Englisch
  • Umfang: 286 Seiten
  • Erschienen: London : Penguin Books, 2017
  • ISBN/Preis: 978-0-241-33543-7 Festeinband : EUR 17.99
  • Signatur: Jugend > Bücher
  • A-Z Englisch GREE

Inhalt: Aza's life is filled with complications. Living with anxiety and OCD is enough but when Daisy, her Best and Most Fearless Friend, brings her on a mission to find a fugitive billionaire things are about to get even more complicated. To find Russell Pickett, Aza must enter the world of his geeky, but maybe kind-of-cute son, Davis. But the chances of a first kiss, and maybe even a first love, could send Aza into a spiral of anxiety...