Bitches Brew


Davis, Miles

  • Titel: Bitches Brew : 40th Anniversary / Miles Davis
  • Person(en): Davis, Miles [Komposition] ; Davis, Miles [Instrumentalmusik] ; Shorter, Wayne [Instrumentalmusik] ; Corea, Chick [Instrumentalmusik] ; McLaughlin, John [Instrumentalmusik] ; Holland, Dave [Instrumentalmusik] ; Brooks, Harvey [Instrumentalmusik] ; White, Lenny [Instrumentalmusik] ; Hancock, Herbie [Instrumentalmusik] ; Balakrishna, Khalil [Instrumentalmusik] ; Sharma, Bihari [Instrumentalmusik] ; Cobham, Billy [Instrumentalmusik] ; Moreira, Airto [Instrumentalmusik] ; Jarrett, Keith [Instrumentalmusik]
  • Ausgabe: Bookset Edition
  • Originalsprache: Englisch
  • Umfang: 3 CD ; 1 DVD-Video (69:57 min) + 1 Booklet (fest)
  • Erschienen: New York : Columbia Records, 2015
  • EAN, ISMN/Preis: 0888750797926 : EUR 15.90
  • Bestellnummer: 9781908709493
  • FSK/USK: FSK ab 0
  • Anmerkungen: Enthält: CD 1: Pharaoh's Dance. Bitches Brew. Spanish key. John McLaughlin. CD 2: Miles Runs The Voodoo Down. Sanctuary. Spanish key (alternate take). John McLaughlin (alternate take). Miles Runs The Voodoo Down (single edit). Spanish Key (single edit). Great Expectations (single edit). Little Blue Frog (single edit). CD 3: Tanglewood Live 1970 - Bill Graham Introduction. Directions. Bitches Brew. The Mask. It's About That Time. Sanctuary. Spanish Key/The Theme. Miles Runs The Voodoo Down. Bill Graham Outro. DVD: Copenhagen Live 1969 - Directions. Miles Runs The Voodoo Down. Bitches Brew. Agitation. I Fall In Love Too Easily. Sanctuary. It's About That Time/The Theme. Extras: 44-page color book with 5,000 word essay by journalist-author-producer-musician Grag Tate; producers' notes by Michael Cuscuna and Richard Seidel (the box Co-Producers); and Lenny white interview by author Ashley Kahn
  • Signatur: MUSIK und TANZ > Rock / Pop / Jazz CDs
  • muc P 5 DAVI Jazz