Alfred Hitchcock - Master Of Suspence


  • Titel: Alfred Hitchcock - Master Of Suspence
  • Ausgabe: Original Recordings ; Digitally Remastered
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Originalsprache: Englisch
  • Umfang: 2 CDs + 1 Booklet (4 ungezählte Seiten)
  • Erschienen: KA Capelle aan den IJssel : Factory Of Sounds ; Sound Factory B.V., 2018
  • EAN, ISMN/Preis: 8719039004034 : EUR 12.99
  • Bestellnummer: FOS 2205118
  • Schlagwörter: Filmmusik / CD
  • Anmerkungen: Enthält: CD 1: "Psycho" (Original Movie Soundtrack): Prelude; The City; Marion and Sam; Temptation; Flight; The Patrol Car; The Car Lot; The Package; Hotel Room; The Window; The Parlour; The Madhouse; The Bathroom; The Murder; The Body; The Office; The Curtain; The Water; The Car; The Swamp; The Search; The Shadow; Phone Booth; The Porch; The Stairs; The Knife; The Search; The First Floor; Cabin 10; Cabin 1; The Hill; The Bedroom; The Toys; The Cellar; Discovery; Finale. Theme from "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (Funeral March of a Marionette). Theme from "Dial M For Murder". Theme from "I Confess". Mouvements Perpetuels from "Rope". Theme from "The Trouble With Harry". Juke Box #6 from "Rear Window". Prologue; Duets For Four Feet from "Strangers On A Train". Theme from "To Catch A Thief". Rooftop from "To Catch A Thief". CD 2: Vertigo (Original Movie Soundtrack): Vertigo Prelude And Rooftop; Madeleine And Carlotta's Portrait; The Beach; Farewell And The Tower; The Nightmare And Dawn; Love Music; The Necklace Ande The Return And Finale. "Spellbound" (Original Movie Soundtrack): Main Title; Prelude; Subconscious; Love Theme, Part 1; Love Theme, Part 2; Scherzo; Terror On The Ski Run; Dementia; Spellbound Concerto
  • Signatur: MUSIK und TANZ > Soundtracks
  • muc D 2 Soundtrack Sampl. ALFR

Inhalt: Auf The Masters Of Suspence erhalten Sie einen Überblick auf die Filmmusiken zu Psycho, Vertigo und Ich kämpfe um dich zusammen mit einer Reihe von musikalischen Filmthemen.