Berlin - Favourite Places


Rust, Bettina

Inhalt: You love Berlin and know the extraordinary city on the Spree like the back of your hand? You'll be surprised by how much is still waiting to be discovered! This book will take you to places that may soon become some of your favourites and where you'll want to return over and over again. What would a perfect day in Berlin look like? Start off with a panorama view of the city from the 'Skyline' canteen on the 20th floor of the Technical University. Afterwards make your way to the teahouse with the thatched roof in the English Garden and snap a selfie, signing it 'Warm Greetings from Sylt!' In the cabinet of curiosities that is the antique shop on Winterfeldtstrasse you'll encounter mysterious things like flying pufferfish and dinosaur teeth. Then head on over to Moabit, which to many of the city's inhabitants is the new Kreuzberg, or rather, the old Kreuzberg of 30 or 40 years ago, when the makeshift counted for far more than the perfect. Finish off the evening just a stone's throw from Zoo Station at the Hat Bar, where you'll find musicians from the whole world jamming the night away.