Let the soil play its simple part


Shaw, Caroline Adelaide

  • Titel: Let the soil play its simple part / Caroline Adelaide Shaw ; Sō Percussion
  • Person(en): Shaw, Caroline Adelaide [Ausführung, Komposition]
  • Organisation(en): Sō Percussion [Instrumentalmusik]
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Originalsprache: Englisch
  • Umfang: 1 CD (42:51 Min.) + 1 Booklet (8 ungezählte Seiten)
  • Erschienen: New York NY, US : Nonesuch Records, Inc. ; Nonesuch, 2021
  • EAN, ISMN/Preis: 0075597915969 : EUR 17.99
  • Anmerkungen: Songtexte abgedruckt Enthält: To The Sky (Lyrics by Anne Steel from The Sacred Harp Hymnal). Other Song (Lyrics by Caroline Shaw). Let The Soil Play Its Simple Part (Lyrics by Caroline Shaw). The Flood Is Following Me (Lyrics by Caroline Shaw and James Joyce from Ulysses (1922)). Lay All Your Love On Me (Lyrics by Benny Anderson and Björn Ulvaeus (ABBA)). Cast the Bells in Sand (Lyrics by Josh Quillen). Long Ago We Counted (Lyrics by Caroline Shaw). A Gradual Dazzle (Lyrics by Anne Carson from Hopper: Confessions. 'Room In Brooklyn' published in Men In the Off Hours (2000)). A Veil Awave Upon The Waves (Lyrics by James Joyce from Ulysses). Some Bright Morning (Lyrics by Albert E. Brumley from I'll Fly Away (1929))
  • Signatur: MUSIK und TANZ > Klassik CDs
  • muc L 5 SHAW Neue Musik