Songs of hope -The essential Joe Hisaishi Vol. 2


Hisaishi, Joe

  • Titel: Songs of hope -The essential Joe Hisaishi Vol. 2 / Joe Hisaishi
  • Person(en): Hisaishi, Joe [Komposition]
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Originalsprache: Englisch
  • Umfang: 2 CD (63:00 ; 67:48 Min.) + 1 Booklet (8 ungezählte Seiten)
  • Erschienen: Tokio, JP : Universal Music LLC ; DECCA GOLD LC 00383, 2021
  • EAN, ISMN/Preis: 0602435556345 : EUR 20.99
  • Anmerkungen: CD 1: Angel Doll. La Pioggia. Il Porco Rosso. Lost Sheep On The Bed. For You. White Night. Da-Ma-Shi-e. Departures (Memory). Two Of Us. Rain Garden. Friends. Summer. Les Aventuriers. Kids Return. CD 2: Links. View Of Silence. Nocturne. Silence. Mkwaju 1981-2009. Ashitaka And San. The Rain. Dead for Strings, Perc., Harpe and Piano: I. D.E.A.D. Tango X.T.C.. The Little House. Hana-Bi. Silencio de Parc Güell. Wave. World Dreams
  • Signatur: MUSIK und TANZ > Soundtracks
  • muc D 2 Soundtrack Komp. HISA 2

Inhalt: A year after the release of his hit compilation Dream Songs, renowned Japanese film composer Joe Hisaishi returned with a sequel collection, Songs of Hope: The Essential Joe Hisaishi, Vol. 2. While volume one was packed with his popular themes for the beloved Studio Ghibli films (Porco Rosso and Princess Mononoke are the lone representatives here), part two sticks mostly to his work outside of the animation world. Selections from Kids Return (1996), HANA-BI (1998), Kikujiro (1999), and Departures (2008) are included, as well as solo tracks that range from his 1981 debut MKWAJU through his decades-spanning Works series. Imbued with warmth, purity, and joy, Hisaishi transports listeners to far-off places with these comforting piano melodies, which are at once strangely familiar yet revelatory. Although the heavy-hitters from those more well-known Ghibli soundtracks are absent here, these deeper cuts offer a full primer to the relatively lesser-explored corners of his catalog. (Neil Z. Yeun ;