The Haiti reader


Inhalt: Foundations -- The Second Generation -- The Birth of Modern-Day Haiti -- Occupied Haiti (1915-1934) -- Second Independence -- The Duvalier Years -- Overthrow and the Aftermath of Duvalier -- Haiti in the New Millennium. "While Haiti established the second independent nation in the Western Hemisphere and was the first black country to gain independence from European colonizers, its history is not well known in the Anglophone world. The Haiti Reader introduces readers to Haiti's dynamic history and culture from the viewpoint of Haitians from all walks of life. Its dozens of selections--most of which appear here in English for the first time--constitute representative works from Haiti's scholarly, literary, religious, visual, musical, and political cultures, and range from poems, novels, and political tracts to essays, legislation, songs, and folk tales. Spanning the centuries between pre-contact indigenous Haiti to the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, the Reader covers widely known episodes in Haiti's history, such as the U.S. military occupation and the Duvalier dictatorship, as well as overlooked periods such as the decades immediately following Haiti's "second independence" in 1934. Whether examining issues of political upheaval, the environment, and modernization, The Haiti Reader provides an unparalleled look at Haiti's history, culture, and politics"--