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Buchregal mit Flagge von den USA und Groß Britanien

It is so important for schools and libraries to develop the reading interests of children, and to help them make expert use of the information media. Kindergartens also benefit from educational partnership with the libraries.

Bücherhallen Hamburg have become a place of learning that is not only equipped with multi-media capabilities, but also offers rapidly growing diversity of functions. That can now be used independently of opening times and locations, via eBuecherhalle on the website. is a portal for teachers and pupils, with a wide range of information and services designed to meet their needs – up-to-date and dynamic, with a clear, easy-to-use menu structure.

Teachers can find out here about the mutually supporting provisions of Bücherhallen Hamburg for pre-school and school classes. For young children, the main aim is fun reading, and for older pupils it is to help them learn independent and expert use of print and electronic information sources.

Full-day schooling is becoming increasingly established at Hamburg schools, as elsewhere in Germany, and more and more schools want their own libraries. The school libraries office at Bücherhallen provides comprehensive information on services for school libraries at Hamburg"s schools. It also gives extensive digital advice on development, design and operation of a school library.

Secondary-school pupils will find their "Learning World" gives useful support. There are teaching films to show them how to use the library catalogues, and quality-tested online research sources. The portal also gives support to meet the information needs for specialist work or seminar assignments, and helps them develop efficient search strategies.